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Welcome to my blog post telling you all about the exciting week ahead.

On Monday 19th October I have another running masterclass happening at 6pm, if you would like to join me it is £7 or catch up by purchasing the recording.

My online classes vary from 30 minute specific classes like on Tuesday the 12:30 class is all about using the original 34 exercises Joseph Pilates created to create an empowering workout.

On Wednesday morning those early birds can join me for a high intensity class at 6am on Facebook live or catch up later in the day if you like!

Thursday I am back live streaming from Fishbourne for a 60 minute gentle Pilates class suitable for all ages and abilities.

Sound like fun? Jump on in and workout with me.

And what exactly are the benefits of Pilates?

You will find after a time that your posture improves as a result of all the exercises, as well as improvements in your muscle tone, balance and joint mobility. You may also find that any feelings of stress or tension you may be experiencing at the moment are reduced, as well. Come and join one of my online classes or try a free 7 day trial of my on demand studio and add life to your days.

Here is my live timetable for next week, but if these times don’t suit you, you can join my on-demand subscription service and workout anytime, anywhere.