Hi, I’m Hannah

My name is Hannah and I created Beyond the Studio Pilates to share my passion for Pilates with others. I’ve been practicing Pilates for over 12 years and teaching as a Level 3 instructor for 3 years. I love being outdoors and I’m from a sporty family where both parents competed for team GB. I found Pilates after a kitesurfing injury left me in severe pain and unable to live my usual energetic lifestyle. I was diagnosed with having annular tears in my inter-vertebral discs. Pilates was my rehab back to my energetic lifestyle.

Pilates helped me restore my fitness as well as the strength and discipline to compete in my other passion, mountain bike racing. I also offer coaching to kids and adults through my other business Beyond the Mud and combine them both through retreats and events.

I love helping others to master Pilates techniques and reap the benefits it can bring to their daily lives. I work with small groups (when teaching face to face) as this allows me to offer hands on correction and ensure everyone is safe and getting the maximum benefit from their work out.

I am also a TRX trainer and pre and post-natal Pilates specialist. I offer specialist masterclasses for sports people. My Pilates masterclasses help to improve performance in sports such as running, cycling and golf.

I truly believe that Pilates can change anyone’s life. By understanding why our bodies do what they do and improving general fitness we can achieve your goals together

Pilates Classes

Something for all abilities and ages

My timetable offers Pilates classes for all abilities and ages. I offer live online classes everyday via Facebook Live and Zoom these classes area mixture of more traditional mat-based classes as well as high energy flow classes and Fit-In 30 workshops to keep you energised and motivated whilst working out at home.

I take the same principles from my ‘real life’ classes into my live sessions offering as much support and advice on technique as possible.

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About me

I love being outdoors!

When I am not teaching or practising Pilates my other passion is mountain biking. I love being outdoors and spend my spare time riding around the beautiful South Downs National Park, the place I call home. I have been racing mountain bikes for as long as I can remember and find Pilates and outdoor Pilates is a excellent addition to my training, it keeps me flexible and helps me build core strength, needed when you spend days racing bikes.
Off the bike and away from the mat being outdoors is where you will probably find me, maybe walking through the forest with my four legged friend Luna.

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