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I offer two online Pilates membership options one for Live and On Demand classes and one for On demand only. Have a look below to discover the options.

Online Pilates Classes

Workout from anywhere

On-demand classes

Having a highly qualified Pilates instructor who can guide you through each move in the comfort of your own home is something you might think is only possible for the rich and famous. I created my online Pilates studio to help bring Pilates to everyone, so now you can feel like you have your own personal Pilates instructor in your living room.

On-Demand Pilates Classes Online With Expert Guidance And Support

In my online Pilates studio, you will find hundreds of Pilates videos that you can access from anywhere at any time. With support and guidance from me at every step of the way these videos are easy to follow and have been carefully put together with all of the instruction you should need.

You can add the videos to your favourites list so that you can find the ones you want quickly and easily and create handy playlists to personalise your own Pilates session. There are new videos released every month, so if you want to change things around, you will find plenty of new Pilates workouts online to try.

How Does The On-Demand Pilates Studio Work?

I want everyone to be able to fit Pilates into their busy schedule, so the online Pilates studio is full of videos to help achieve this. For just £32 per month, you will be able to access over 500 quality Pilates workouts that have been put together by highly skilled Pilates instructors. This means quality videos and sound, live teaching points and videos that you can take with you wherever you are going. The cues on each video are verbal so that you can concentrate on what you are doing rather than on the screen

You will also have access to 24-7 support, so if there is anything in the videos that you don’t understand or you have any questions, you can email me.

When you join my online Pilates studio, you will be part of a small community, and unlike some of the big brands out there, I want to make sure you are happy with your Pilates session. If you’re struggling to know where to start or are having trouble with a workout, I will always try and help as quickly as possible.

The benefits of following these online sessions are exactly the same as those you would get from attending in-person classes but with the added benefit of being designed to fit in when you have time. So whether you are a beginner or are looking for something more challenging that will get you working up a sweat, this is exactly what you will find. You can personalise your workout to your own goals and take things at your own pace.

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Livestream Pilates Classes

Workout with me every week!

The benefits.

The benefits of online are really taking the time to understand each Pilates move, strive for progress not perfection as you improve your muscle tone, strength, flexibility and all-round health and wellness.

Online Pilates is perfect for busy lives, instead of spending time driving to the gym or looking for parking spaces, focus your energy and time into dedicated online workouts which help you achieve your own personal fitness goals.

Pilates has super health and wellness benefits like, better functional movement so you can lift things without hurting your back, enhances muscle balance key in sports like cycling and running, improves your posture and back health, has a calming and relaxing way of making you feel energised and focused.

How do live stream Pilates classes work?

During my live streamed workouts you can join me and my Pilates community for Pilates direct from your living room.

Classes are hosted via Zoom and also via my private Facebook community group where you will find lots of other information as well as the opportunity to connect with like minded people. During Zoom classes I can give feedback on your position and set up, this does require you to place your camera somewhere I can see you.

Every month you get a new Zoom link which gives you access to the classes. To access the Facebook classes you simply go to the private Facebook group just before the class start time and the class will appear.

You can access live stream classes through a computer, ipad or tablet and also through smart phones.

What’s involved?

My live stream membership known as ‘live’ membership gives you access to everything within the On Demand membership (see above) as well as five live streamed classes a week.

The class timetable is subject to change but tends to be:
Monday 10:00 & 18:00
Tuesday 08:20
Wednesday 18:00
Thursday 07:50 & 17:00

The cost is £42 for four weeks access.

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