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Beyond the studio Pilates

Pilates Classes Online or In Person

“I’m dedicated to helping you to achieve your fitness goals and improve your wellbeing through Pilates”

Live Online Pilates Studio

Daily live Pilates classes you can join as a monthly, weekly or pay as you go member.

On Demand Pilates Classes

Hundreds of Pilates workout videos you can do from anywhere at anytime. Handy playlists so you can easily pick the workout to suit your goals and ability.

Pilates Course & Masterclasses

Sports specific Pilates for runners, cyclists and swimmers, plus learn how to use that swiss ball or resistance band to great effect in your home workouts.

Online Pilates Course for beginners

10-minute flexible and realistic Pilates workouts are perfect for doing from the comfort of your home, join my 21 day course and feel the benefits of Pilates.

Do you like mountain biking?

I do too! Find out about my mountain bike coaching and guiding here.

Weekly Virtual Pilates Class Timetable

Daily live classes, or catch up in your own time. From £5

Your time
Your workout
Your goals

I am Hannah, the person behind Beyond the Studio Pilates. I am passionate about making Pilates more accessible for everyone, which means offering both in-person Pilates classes and home Pilates workouts for any age and level of ability.  My goal is to help others by delivering high-quality Pilates workouts at home or in person that fit into any busy lifestyle.

Live In-Person Pilates Classes in Emsworth, Southbourne & Fishbourne For Any Age And Ability

I offer a wide range of different in-person Pilates sessions in the Chichester area with something to suit everyone and every ability. Whether you are a complete beginner looking to take your first tentative steps into the world of Pilates, someone looking for sports-specific Pilates sessions, a mum-to-be or new mum looking for a Pilates class to help you with your pregnancy and beyond or simply a lover of Pilates looking for a regular class, then I have a class for you.

Online Pilates Studio – Home Pilates Workouts To Suit Your Busy Schedule

Joseph Pilates often said “10 minutes a day is all you need, but you need to do it every day” In today’s busy and often hectic work/life balance finding those 10 minutes can often be tricky. Whilst a trip to the studio every day would be the perfect antidote to the stresses of life, it isn’t always possible. This is why I have created my online Pilates studio, which I provide through Zoom and via my Facebook community. This will offer you the flexibility to fit in the workouts that you need, when you want, to allow you to enhance your Pilates experience in your own time and in your own home.

On demand Pilates = 5 day free trial

Why choose Pilates?

The endorphins you get from physical exercise can really boost your mood, which we certainly all need from time to time – but especially at the moment.

Pilates is a muscle-building exercise that aims to strengthen your body evenly, with emphasis on core strength and since many of the exercises can be done on a mat, with no equipment, it’s the perfect choice of workout for anyone at home.

And what exactly are the benefits of Pilates? You will find after a time that your posture improves as a result of all the exercises, as well as improvements in your muscle tone, balance and joint mobility. You may also find that any feelings of stress or tension you may be experiencing at the moment are reduced, as well.

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“Hannah’s Pilates sessions focus on specific core exercises and she coaches you through correct form which is really helpful. I’ve been to several different Pilates classes but have found that Hannah is really thorough in making sure everyone will get the most out of her classes. As a runner, who suffers with tight lower back pain, attending Hannah’s Pilates regularly has improved my back and I have found that I am able to run injury free. It has also taught me the correct form so that I can practise some of the exercises at home.”


“Great online Pilates session ? highly recommend this to anyone wanting help with their body and mental well-being!”