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Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Online Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates Classes Designed For All Stages Of Your Pregnancy.

First let me say congratulations on your exciting news! Pregnancy is a glorious time but can also be quite daunting as your body goes through so many changes in order to grow a tiny human. Pilates is the perfect exercise to accompany your pregnancy journey, whether you have exercised lost in the past or done very little.

During pregnancy Pilates we focus on;

  • Posture, As your baby grows your posture will be challenged and your muscles will have to learn new ways to balance, Pilates helps maintain the best posture possible and keeps your muscles strong and able to do the best job to support your growing baby.
  • Breathing, Pilates moves are centered round breathing correctly, this will also help as a relaxation technique during labour and in any stressful situation you may find yourself in!
  • Pelvic floor and core, the core is your main ‘power house’ or stabilisation muscles for your entire body, this is not just your ‘abs’ there is a whole network of inner muscles, including your pelvic floor, which work hard to support your whole body, we look at strength from the core outwards and particularly during pregnancy focus on the pelvic floor. It is important that your pelvic floor can not only contract but also relax to make labour possible. A strong pelvic floor will often also be stronger after labour leading to less likely incontinence issues.

Pilates can support every stage of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

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The benefits of Pilates

During my pregnancy I found my commitment lacking on turning our to my Pilates class at 7:20 every evening. Pregnancy is tiring your body is working overtime so cut yourself some slack and workout at home, in your PJ’s if you like, no one is watching!

I have developed this online resource, split into trimesters so you can easily follow the workouts planned for your stage of pregnancy. Each trimester has 10 workout videos which you can do as many times as you like. All these Pilates classes are under 30 minutes long, meaning they are achievable to fit into even the busiest of schedules.

The benefits of online are really taking the time to understand each Pilates move, strive for progress not perfection as you improve your muscle tone, strength, flexibility and all-round health and wellness.