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Improve your performance through specialist Pilates training

Sports Specific Pilates is aimed at cyclists, swimmers and runners who wish to improve their performance and reduce the risk of injuries. Pilates is a non-intrusive training method that can be added to any training plan, to enable smarter recovery, injury prevention and improved performance.

I work with cyclists, swimmers and runners on bespoke Pilates programming and training so they can optimise their training and recovery. As an elite cyclist myself I understand the pressure and time constraints that come from training, competition and living the rest of your life so my sessions are targeted to help you make the greatest gains using up the smallest amount of your valuable time. Saying that, one session is not going to cure your hip imbalance, so Pilates should be seen as a weekly goal to staying injury free and being able to spend more time doing the sport you love.

I use a variety of small equipment, like resistance bands and balls as well as TRX suspension training to challenge the core whilst learning proper technique and pattern of movement.

I want to help you retrain movement patterns, correct poor posture, and guide the body to its full potential so you can reach your goals whatever they may be.

Pilates is a slow structured exercise program which ensures the recruitment of the right muscle groups to perform each task. It requires mental and physical control, with every sense working to co-ordinate your body.

As well as Pilates for swimming, running and cycling I now offering cycling training plans, coaching and nutritional plans by working with trusted and experienced partners to bring you a holistic training approach.

Discover your options below

Pilates Course for Runners

Improve your running efficiency with this 8 week training plan

Pilates Course for Cyclists

Improve your power to weight ratio with this 8 week training plan

Pilates Masterclass for Runners

Improve your running gait and stay injury free with a Pilates for runners masterclass

Pilates Masterclass for Cyclists

Improve your power to weight ratio and learn how Pilates can enhance your performance.

TRX Training

Book your one to one and learn how suspension training can benefit your training in a fun and effective way.

Club Training

Get in touch about me working with your club / group I can offer zoom coaching as well as face to face in the Chichester / Portsmouth area. I work with cycling, swimming and running clubs. I have a full DBS, first aid and insurance.