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My Pilates classes focus on core Pilates principles. Pilates builds functional strength, this means building strength throughout your body without compromising flexibility, and therefore good alignment and posture. It is a holistic fitness program which incorporates both eastern and western thinking.

Pilates requires you to focus on individual muscles and this added focus and concentration helps to create that mindful connection from your brain to your body.

Unlike many exercises which target the superficial muscles, Pilates goes deeper starting with your core muscles and working out creating a strong and supple body.

Classes for everyone

My aim is to run classes that enable you to not only feel the benefits of Pilates but to teach you simple moves you can do at home and how to use Pilates in your daily life.
I want to empower you to understand how better posture and breathing can improve you health and fitness. I tailor each class to suit the needs of the participants and where required can offer different moves to suit you.

Classes in Hampshire & West Sussex

I offer a range of group Pilates classes in Bedhampton, Fishbourne, Emsworth and Southbourne. Classes for all levels and abilities. A hands-on approach, with the technique of each movement the key focus allowing you to really understand how to move correctly. Pilates class numbers are kept small so that you receive individual attention and make the greatest gains in your strength and flexibility. If you would like to talk about your requirements for personal one to one or two to one Pilates in the comfort of your home please contact me.