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Improve your power and pedalling efficiency with Pilates

The world of cycling is a fast-paced one, and this speed can all too often result in injury. If you want to reduce your chances of injury whilst improving your stamina and speed, then Pilates can provide a valuable addition to any training regime.

Pilates is an incredible all-over workout for the body that places a focus on flexibility, functional movement and muscle balance. Core stability, a key essential for any cyclist, helps the trunk to brace against and support all of the big muscle groups that help to drive power through the pedals.

Sir Bradley Wiggins, winner of the Tour de France, Velo d’Or and several gold medals, has often been quoted as saying “I focus on strengthening my core for 30 minutes each day” with regard to his own Pilates regime. If that isn’t enough to convince you to give Pilates a chance as part of your cycling training then I don’t know what will be!

What are the benefits of Pilates for cyclists?

Pilates is a low-impact workout. It fits easily into any training you may already be doing but can also be ideal for those who cycle for fun as well. Pilates can be used as part of your warm-up or cool-down or both, depending on how it fits into your training.

Pilates can:

  • Improve core strength
  • Improve muscle strength
  • Increase coordination and flexibility
  • Improve posture and help decrease muscle imbalance
  • Help create healthier bone density as a result of resistance-based exercises
  • Improve power to weight ratio

During the eight week course I will take you through key moves and stretches to improve your mobility and strength across your whole body which will make you a more efficient cyclists whatever your discipline!

You will need a resistance band for these workouts which you can purchase from me here.

Book Now

Pilates for cyclists online course

8 weeks course of specific exercises for cyclists to help you improve your mobility, core and back strength and efficient leg power.

Each workout is designed with cyclists in mind and will include stretches and strength moves as well as exploring the core, pelvic floor and breathing connection, vital for cycling efficiency.

The workouts vary in length from 30 to 50 minutes and you can do them in any order you wish. My recommendation is you do two workouts a week, if you find 30/50 minutes at once too hard to plan break each workout down into 15 minute chunks.

You will need a resistance band for these workouts, which you can buy from me here on the book now page.

£25 for the 8 week course.