Learn how online Pilates can fit into your home workout routine for improved muscle tone and flexibility.

Join my Pilates for beginners online course. During the Pilates course I will guide you through your Pilates journey and build on your knowledge and understanding of how your body moves and works.

Together, with my support, we will build strength, tone up, and feel energised from just 10 minutes exercise per day. These 10-minute flexible and realistic Pilates workouts are perfect for doing from the comfort of your home.

Beginners Pilates

The process is simple

Step 1: Roll out your mat or lay down a towel

Step 2: Press play on your Beyond the Studio workout

Step 3: Find balance, build strength + feel awesome!

Pick the time and place you want to do your workouts, make the most of 10 minutes focused time on your own wellbeing.

What is the cost?

£14.99 for 21 Pilates workouts which will help to strengthen and tone your muscles, improve your balance, posture and overall well being right in the comfort of your own home.

When do I start?

You can start your 21 days whenever suits you, just sign up below. You will receive your sessions via email each day for 21 days. Over the 21 days you can revisit all the sessions as much as you like.

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