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Pilates is the perfect partner to your running training

Pilates is all about learning how to move correctly. As a runner this is very important if you want to be able to run further, faster and stay injury free. Having good core strength and muscle awareness can improve your running capabilities.

In a 2018 study published in Plos One, trained runners who took part in a 12-week course of Pilates (consisting of two one-hour sessions each week) significantly improved their 5K time. Stability and core strength is essential for an efficient running technique and to help you avoid injury. (Information from Runners World).

Pilates is a low impact workout so can be fitted into your run training without compromising your runs. Whether you do it before or after running also doesnt matter as the moves involved are great for mobilising the joints as part of a warm up or cool down.

Why runners should try Pilates:

> Increased core strength
> Corrects postural imbalances, which helps reduce the risk of injury
> Breathing techniques
> Improved endurance
> Quicker and more comprehensive recovery.
> Better Balance

You will need a resistance band for these workouts which you can purchase from me here.

Pilates for runners online course

Running over 8 weeks, my online Pilates for runners course brings together specific exercises designed to help you improve your running gait, core strength and joint mobility.
Each workout is just 30 minutes long, and every week there will be a new workout. The 30 minutes can be done in one block or broken down into easy 10-minute sections. Once you log in, you can follow the video from any location.
As a runner, you will already understand the importance of “the more you do, the better it will be”, so my recommendation is to do either two 30-minute sessions per week or six sessions of just 10 minutes.
The price of the 8-week course is just £25, which I’m sure you will see as great value, when you reap the benefits of what Pilates can do for your running. Why not book now to start seeing the benefits of Pilates for runners?

You will need a resistance band for these workouts, which you can buy from me here on the book now page.

£25 for the 8 week course.