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Pilates is a full body functional movement class using techniques which improve mobility, posture and endurance. In my classes we work on the movement and breathing working together in synergy for a healthier mind and body.

Pilates Class in Emsworth

Emsworth Community Centre Pilates Classes

Wednesday 08:30 Beginners Pilates class

Wednesday 09:40 Mixed ability Pilates class

Learn to move and breathe better through group Pilates classes. During each session we shall work on functional movements using body weight and equipment like resistance bands and balls. All my classes follow the Pilates principles, as well as modern sports science findings and a functional outlook to movement. As a corrective exercise specialist my aim is to help you improve your movement for a happier, healthier and more productive life.

Please bring your own Mat and towel for under your head. Please do get in touch if you don’t have a mat and I can provide you with one. I will supply resistance bands, blocks and balls if we are using them but you are welcome to bring your own too!

There is plenty of paid parking and a small amount of free spaces.

The address is: Emsworth Community Centre, North St, Emsworth PO10 7DD

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