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Runners often experience tight hips due to a combination of factors related to their repetitive and high-impact activity.

The repetitive nature of running can lead to muscle imbalances, with certain muscle groups becoming overused and tight while others may weaken or lengthen.

The hip flexors, which are crucial for lifting the legs during running, often bear the brunt of this strain, causing them to tighten over time.

To release your hips try these three exercises:

1. Tennis ball roll your hip flexors.

a. Laying on the tennis ball, start with it near your belly button
b. Move to sore sports hold for 20 seconds on each sore spot
c. ** Precaution if you feel pulsing move to a new spot off the femoral artery

2. Hip twist

a. Start sitting with your legs in front of you
b. Move yourself onto your knees and push your pelvis forward to stretch the hip
c. Repeat six times

3. Oblique twist

a. Laying on your back keep your knees together
b. Gently move your legs form one side to the other engaging your core as you move
c. Repeat 8 times

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