I love cycling it’s my biggest passion and I love nothing more than a good long day in the saddle. Pilates has always been a training tool I use to stay injury free and is surprisingly good at helping me build my stamina.

If you ask a lot of cyclists or runners for that matter how to build stamina they may feel long miles are the answer and building them up slowly over time, this will work but may cause muscle imbalance and injury if you are not using your muscles correctly or are tight / weak in a certain area. Pilates is a really good way of building stamina by repeating exercises which work your body in certain movement patterns, these patterns help you build muscle balance and flexibility that cannot be created on the bike or by running.

I have created a video on Pilates to build stamina, although this is aimed at cyclists it would be good for runners too!

If you enjoy this video how about checking out one of my sports masterclasses and get the upper hand on your fitness ready for the summer. Follow this link for more information

Pilates for stamina video

Sports Specific Pilates

Sports Specific Pilates is aimed at athletes who wish to improve performance and reduce the frequency of injuries. Pilates is a non-intrusive training method that can be added to anyone’s sports training plan to enable smarter recovery, injury prevention and improved performance.

During these sessions, the focus is on strength and mobility specific to the sport you take part in.

I use a variety of small equipment, like resistance bands as well as TRX suspension training to challenge the core whilst learning proper technique and pattern of movement.

I want to help you retrain movement patterns, correct poor posture, and guide the body to its full potential so you can reach your goals whatever they may be.

Pilates is a slow structured exercise program which ensures the recruitment of the right muscle groups to perform each task. It requires mental and physical control, with every sense working to co-ordinate your body.