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Getting ‘fit’ for summer is talked about quite a lot! I think your health and fitness should be something you look after all year round and maybe even more in the colder winter months when there are more bugs and less opportunity to get out in our natural environment due to icky weather. Staying fit and healthy should be a year-round thing not a summer fad.

Here are my five reasons to stay fit and healthy this Autumn.

  1. Boost your immune system. According to the NHS, studies have found that moderate levels of exercise can boost the immune system and improve your defences against dreaded winter coughs and colds. Pilates is the perfect exercise to try over winter as it will give you that healthy boost of strength and flexibility at the same time.
  2. Autumn is a great time to try Pilates online, now the clocks have gone back and the leaves are rapidly falling the dark nights mean motivation levels to head out for a run or gym class are low. Beat the darkness and turn your living room / spare bedroom / office, into your fitness space for 30 minutes / an hour one or two nights a week. This ‘you’ time is so important especially at the moment for your mental and physical health, taking some time out will help you be more productive with your time in and help to boost your energy levels which are lower in the darker months of the year.
  3. Studies show sedentary people who start moving experience a dramatic drop in fatigue, meaning your early morning or lunchtime Pilates can help banish that overwhelming sense of knackeredness.
  4. Save time and money by staying in. Now that we are on the run up for Christmas, whatever that may look like who knows, but it is coming. Save some money by choosing online Pilates, cheaper than a gym membership when you add in the cost of petrol, childcare and the post workout coffee.
  5.  Beat the January gym rush! Why wait until January to start a ‘new healthy lifestyle’ get ahead of the curve and start working on your lifestyle now.