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My name is Hannah and I am a Level 3 Pilates instructor, come and join my personal online Pilates studio and get access to hundreds of Pilates classes aimed at all ages and abilities from wherever you are whenever you like.

Split into handy playlists find the class that suits you whether you are looking for beginner workouts or more challenging classes that make you work up a sweat. Only have 10 minutes? Pick from relaxation to muscle group specific so you can make your workout personal to your goals.

Taking classes online doesn’t mean you are on your own! In fact, it’s like having a private teacher in your living room guiding you through every move. I am here to answer your questions, support and give advice along the way.

The benefits of online are really taking the time to understand each Pilates move, strive for progress not perfection as you improve your muscle tone, strength, flexibility and all-round health and wellness. Each month I will release four new classes for you to try out! Improve your strength and flexibility through equipment workouts using resistance bands, stability balls and light weights.

Online Pilates is perfect for busy lives, instead of spending time driving to the gym or looking for parking spaces, focus your energy and time into dedicated online workouts which help you achieve your own personal fitness goals.

£20 for four weeks access that is £5 a workout, if you only do one a week, most of my community feel the benefits of Pilates and add two or three workouts to their weeks.

Pilates has super health and wellness benefits like, better functional movement so you can lift things without hurting your back, enhances muscle balance key in sports like cycling and running, improves your posture and back health, has a calming and relaxing way of making you feel energised and focused.

Coming up this week from Monday 2nd November.