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The TRX suspension trainer is a unique bit of kit which uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

The TRX trainer was developed by Navy Seal Randy Hetrick and started life as a Jiu jitsu belt, whilst he was in Southeast Asia.

He said: ”People who like yoga and Pilates tend to like TRX because there are some crossovers.

“But it’s also great for runners, cyclists, or anyone who is an endurance athlete and wants to have more strength training.”

The instability created by being partially suspended through a single anchor point produces a proprioceptive-rich environment, that research has shown, requires a significantly higher level of core activation than stable surfaces.

TRX training is useful, in today’s world where we spend a lot of time sitting still muscles imbalance and weakness occurs, this can lead to some people finding simple exercises like squats difficult. The TRX allows me as a trainer to help guide my clients through better form in these functional exercises in an easier way, by using the TRX as a support system for weaker muscles and teaching my clients what should be stable and what should be mobile they can feel the way the exercise should feel on the TRX as its taking some of the load before venturing off without the TRX.


A few benefits of TRX:

  1. It turns simple bodyweight exercises into something more fun and if you want it to be, much tougher.
  2. Anyone can use it, by adjusting the resistance,


  • Vector Resistance – based on the angle of your body
  • Stability Resistance – depending upon the position of your feet
  • Pendulum Resistance – adjusting the angle of the TRX
  • Rather than just working one area, TRX creates a full body workout that consistently gets you to use your core muscles.
  • You can flow from one move to another, which keeps your heart rate high throughout, ensuring you burn calories whilst simultaneously building strength
  • Whilst TRX has HIIT-style benefits, it is also a low impact form of exercise, thus minimising risk of injury, so is great for rehabilitation

So if you are looking to improve your strength and fitness and want to try something a little different sign up to a TRX one to one with me.