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Although lockdown restrictions are being eased somewhat and businesses are slowly starting to reopen their doors, we are all still being advised to stay at home as much as possible at the moment, as the coronavirus crisis is far from over just yet.

Which means that at-home training sessions are the way forward for the time being – so signing up for some live pilates classes online could be the perfect way to help keep you motivated, active and ready to take on the world – when it finally opens up properly once again.

One thing you will need to be careful with, no matter what sort of workout you’re doing, is making sure you focus on form so you don’t injure yourself – as well as making sure that you’ve cleared enough space in the room you’re in so you don’t knock into furniture or furnishings and either break something or hurt yourself.

Pay close attention to your body both during and after exercise. If you feel serious twinges doing what you’re doing, stop as you could cause a problem somewhere.

And it’s also worth checking in with your body a day after your workout to see how your muscles feel. Always listen to your body – and don’t exercise too soon if your muscles feel sore and stiff. You have to give yourself time to recover.

Always choose activities, videos and programmes in apps that suit your fitness level, as well – and make sure you bear any injuries you already have in mind. If you’re training with weights, perhaps start off with lighter ones and build your way up.

Also make sure that you stay hydrated throughout your workout, as this will help keep your joints healthy and mobile.

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