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As a runner, you may not have considered adding Pilates to your training routine but this incredibly beneficial exercise, which all too often gets lumped into the same category as Yoga, is about so much more than holding poses and stretching.

Devised in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, the technique was put together to help with physical fitness, and in its infancy helped hospital patients who were unable to walk.

Later it became incredibly popular with dancers who quickly saw the benefits it had to offer. Today, Pilates classes offer specific ranges of exercise and even specialist classes for different disciplines that have been designed to offer the most help to an individual based on their requirements.

If you are a runner who is wondering how Pilates can help you then why not take a look at our rundown of the three top Pilates exercises that are very beneficial for runners?

Back stretch standing

This relatively simple looking stretch is designed to help loosen up your muscles, which will help you enhance your range of motion. When your muscles are tight you are more at risk of injury, but the right Pilates exercise can really help you to reduce the chances of this happening. As with many other Pilates exercises, it will also help to boost the flow of blood to any problem areas and also reduce any stress you might have.







Threading the needle

This move is designed to stretch the sides and backs of your shoulders, easing any tension and pain that you may have in the area. This can be an incredibly relaxing move with its dynamic move then twist through the stretch. It is very beneficial if you are looking to unwind following a busy day or as part of a cooling down routine. It works on a good range of muscles including the thoracic spine muscles, it opens up the shoulders, neck and lower back whilst also engaging the trapezius, deltoids and the pectorals in your chest.






The lunge is a popular Pilates exercise and with good reason. It can help you to strengthen the quadriceps muscles, the hamstring muscles and the gluteal muscles – all of which work incredibly hard when you are running. It can also be beneficial for both knee strengthening and hip stabilisation, providing you with a better sense of balance and also a general increase in awareness of your body.





If you’re interested in improving your running technique, why not sign up to take some Pilates classes, either Live with me or at a time to suit you. I’m sure it will make a huge difference to a sport you’re already enjoying.

 Interested in experiencing the benefits that Pilates can bring to your running? Why not sign up for a course and see just how it can help you run better?