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People often wonder how public figures, particularly those with particularly punishing work schedules and family to consider find the time to look after themselves. Kate Middleton may have plenty of people to help her with her children and organising her busy calendar but when it comes to her health she attributes her toned, slim figure to one thing.

Pilates has been her go to exercise for many years now, and like many other members of the Royal Family she ensures that she can find time to keep fit and healthy. She is also a big fan of running and tennis as well which she incorporates into her healthy regime alongside her Pilates.

Kate’s exercise regime

Whilst she has often been rather tight lipped about the healthy habits that she has made a part of her life, Kate has recently opened up and given outsiders a glimpse of what her impressive exercise routine entails. It’s hard to believe but the Princess of Wales manages to devote an entire hour every day to a range of exercises that she combines to help keep her body, and mind, in great shape. In addition to Pilates, which she attributes to  having been of significant help with her posture since the birth of her three children, she also incorporates planking, yoga, CrossFit and running into her routine – varying the amount of time she spends on each from one day to the next.

Pilates certainly helps to keep her looking healthy but the benefits of this exercise routine were clear only a few weeks ago when she took part in a spin challenge against her husband on a visit to a rehabilitation centre and not only beat him but did it effortlessly whilst the Prince of Wales was left looking a little out of breath!

Kate Middleton isn’t alone in her love of Pilates

Kate certainly isn’t alone in her love of Pilates. It is incredibly popular with some of the top supermodels as well as some slightly more surprising names. The likes of Lady Gaga, Sylvester Stallone, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Aniston and Harry Styles all count Pilates as an important part of their exercise routine and attribute it with helping them stay toned, and boosting their energy levels.

Pilates isn’t just a passing fancy, it is an essential tool in the workout routine of a wide range of individuals including plenty of sportsmen and women who are at the top of their field. Maybe it’s time to add it to your routine?