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1️⃣ Overuse and Repetitive Motion: Running involves constant contraction of hamstrings, leading to overuse and tightness.

2️⃣ Inadequate Warm-up: Insufficient warm-up before running can limit blood flow to muscles, increasing the risk of tight hamstrings.

3️⃣ Weak Core Muscles: Weak core muscles can disrupt pelvic stability, placing extra strain on hamstrings during running.

4️⃣ Imbalanced Strength: Muscular imbalances, with stronger quadriceps and weaker hamstrings, contribute to tightness.

5️⃣ Poor Running Form: Incorrect running technique may cause hamstrings to work harder, leading to tightness and discomfort.

6️⃣ Insufficient Stretching: Neglecting pre- and post-run stretching can result in shortened hamstrings and reduced flexibility.

7️⃣ Lack of Cross-Training: Limited variety in exercise routines may neglect certain muscle groups, impacting hamstring flexibility. To address these factors and prevent tight hamstrings for a smoother and injury-free running experience try these three exercises.

Sciatic nerve glide

1. Lie on your back with your legs out straight.
2. Bend one knee and grab behind it with both hands.
3. Straighten your knee.
4. Flex your ankle up a down a few times. You should feel a slight stretch behind your knee and calf.
5. Slowly lower your leg back down to the bent knee position.
6. Repeat five to 15 times.

Hamstring Stretch

1. Lie on your back and place one foot in the resistance band, the other foot stays flat on the floor
2. Pull the leg towards you until you feel the stretch in your hamstrings
3. Hold for 30 seconds and then try and increase the stretch for another 20 seconds
4. Release if you get pins and needles
5. Now move the leg over the body to target the muscles in the outside of your leg (adductors)
6. Hold for 30 seconds and then try and increase the stretch for another 20 seconds
7. Now move the leg away from the body, keep the pelvis square on the mat
8. Hold for 30 seconds and then try and increase the stretch for another 20 seconds

Hamstring curls

1. Lay on your front with a band around the top of your leg, knees bent
2. Engage your core
3. Slowly lift one leg at a time
4. Repeat 5 to 15 times
5. If you feel discomfort in your lower back, stop

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