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Walking is fundamental for a happy healthy life, build strong legs with these three Pilates exercises.

Three Exercises for strong legs

No matter how active you are, walking is a fundamental part of life. Whether you need to walk to the kitchen to make a cuppa or love running marathons or rambling through the countryside walking is paramount to your physical and mental health.

With this in mind I thought I would share my three favourite leg and glute building exercises for strong and sturdy legs.

  1. The Lunge

The lunge is a super functional movement that builds strength and power in your legs, glutes and core. They are an exercise which can be done by almost everyone, with adaptations.

  • Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and crosses is a tough glute workout. Suitable for all stages of pregnancy, you may want to put a cushion under your bump in later stages of T2 and T3.

  • Shoulder Bridge

A real favourite of mine shoulder bridge is a wonderful all over body workout. Perfect for cyclists and runners, shoulder bridge lengthens out your quads, builds strength in your glutes and hamstrings and mobilises your spine.


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