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When it comes to mobility and flexibility, most people think that they are the same thing. This is not correct. The truth is that mobility and flexibility are two different concepts. Understanding the key differences between the two is very important because you need both in order to be fit and healthy.


To really get started with this, let’s take a look at a few basic definitions regarding both flexibility and mobility. Flexibility is all about how well your muscles can lengthen passively through the typical range of motion that you have. This is in contrast to mobility, which is all about how your joints can actively move through a range of motion. so, to sign it up in a way that everybody can understand, flexibility is passive, and mobility is active.

When it comes to mobility, there are quite a few ways to prove how good it is. Not only are muscles stretching over the joint a good way to identify how mobile someone is, but also how far the joint moves within the joint capsule. Furthermore, mobility also takes the amount of motor control within the nervous system into consideration.




Why Do I Need Both?

Obviously, when it comes to leading a normal life, you need both flexibility and mobility in order to enjoy everything life has to offer.

Being flexible is obviously good for navigating your environment, and making sure that your body does whatever you need it to do. If you need to reach something, bend down, stand up, or simply just stretch, you need to be flexible enough to do that. However, having good mobility in your body is also very important.

The right kind of exercise plan focuses on both improving mobility and flexibility simultaneously. You’re going to want to make sure that you strive to improve the mobility of your joints, but also to make sure that they are flexible at the same time.

Each one can impact the body differently during exercise. For example, if you find that yoga or other similar exercises are difficult, then flexibility is definitely a problem. However, if you are struggling to do a basic squad, then you might find mobility is the issue.

It’s important to acknowledge that both flexibility and mobility are very important. If you are actively struggling with one or both, then you might find that both athletic movement and performance are restricted.

Final Thoughts

It should be obvious that we need both mobility and flexibility in order to enjoy a full range of movement in everyday life. However, the two are distinctly separate, and it’s important to acknowledge this. The biggest mistake that people can make is not recognising the difference between the two. Any exercise plan that you create for yourself needs to have both conditioning for your mobility and your flexibility, because the two are separate. You should definitely do your research to find out which exercises affect which aspect of your fitness.