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We all want to live a healthy lifestyle, and to eat well and do some exercise. However, all too often, finding the time with a busy work / home life balance to fit everything in can be tricky. With long working hours, busy commutes and then spending time with the family, there never seems to be the time to commit to a regularly scheduled Pilates class.

Fortunately there is an alternative that is ideal for those who have busy lives and a tight schedule on their time – Pilates at home.  At home Pilates offers you all the benefits of a class in a studio but at a time that works for you.  With just a mat and a comfortable space, an at-home Pilates workout can be just as effective as attending an in-person studio based session.

Is at home Pilates as good as in-person?

Obviously, when you attend an in-person session you will have the benefit of having the instructor there with you to help you with the different exercises. This is the one thing that many people are concerned they will not get with an at-home workout, However, whilst I can’t be there with you in your home, all of my Pilates exercise videos have step by step instructions to help you. I am also always available online to help you with any difficulties that you may be having with an exercise so you really do get the best of both worlds.

Quality over quantity

The other advantage that you will find with an at home Pilates workout is that you can do as little or as much as you want in each session so you can fit your Pilates in around everything else. Remember, when it comes to Pilates it is the quality of the workouts that you are doing that is more important than the duration. A good Pilates workout will really help you to develop your mind-body connection. It helps you to focus your breathing and concentrate on the muscles that you use during every movement. This is the real benefit that you should be looking for from any Pilates workout.



All of this is best achieved when you are comfortable and if finding time to squeeze Pilates into an already busy day is stressful then your workouts may be counterproductive. So if you had considered at-home Pilates but had dismissed the idea believing that the workouts wouldn’t be effective, perhaps now is the time to give them a try?