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Forget the press up challenge or squat challenge, here is the challenge that you mind and body both need! If you don’t know how to do any of these Pilates moves please check out the videos on my YouTube channel.


Why Pilates is such a great workout?

1.  Pilates can decrease stress levels and boost your energy

Pilates is a fantastic way in which you can get both the breath and the circulation moving, and any spine exercises can also help to improve blood flow. In this way, you can help to provide more oxygen to your body, which can decrease stress levels. This can help you to feel more energised for the day by realsing endorphins this can also help you sleep better

  1. Complete body workout

Whilst Pilates may not seem like it will give you much of a workout, you shouldn’t let that fool you. Pilates exercises have been specifically designed to make sure that all parts of your body are being trained, and unlike other workouts, Pilates does not neglect one part of your body whilst overworking another. It is an excellent choice for both professional athletes and fitness beginners.

3.  Tones muscle and improves mobility

Pilates can naturally tone your body as an alternative to the more “traditional” idea of lifting weights in the gym. Toning your muscles will help to improve your posture and even your mobility, making you much healthier both on the inside and out.

4.  Boost your ability to burn fat

Pilates may not seem like an intensive workout that will help you burn fat, and whilst it certainly isn’t the best exercise to help you burn calories quickly, as the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” so small improvements over time are often better when it comes to toning and losing fat. Pilates will help you to build muscle, and this helps to increase the basal metabolic rate of your body and, therefore, how many calories your body will burn when it is at rest.

5.  A great way to prevent injury and cross-train

Because Pilates helps build flexibility and strength, it also helps add functional variety to your workouts. Whether you are looking to improve your health or get in shape, a range of exercises is the best way to achieve this because it will help you to work a range of different parts of the body.

If you have been considering joining a Pilates class or even trying Pilates at home but need a little encouragement, then why not check out my classes? Whether you’d prefer to work out live or at a time to suit you, I’d love to help you harness the benefits that Pilates can bring.