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Revitalize Your Back: A Journey to Strength and Flexibility

Back pain can be very debilitating, having had a bad back injury myself I know how hard it can be, but together you don’t have to have a bad back forever!

Join my 4 week Back in Balance course and learn how you can treat your own back from the comfort of your own home.

Are you tired of living with back pain and ready to take control of your spinal health? Join my transformative “Back In Balance” course – Your path to a pain-free and empowered life!

What’s in store for you?

✅ Expert-led sessions targeting core strength and flexibility.

✅ Proven Pilates techniques tailored for back pain relief.

✅ Mindful practices to enhance body awareness and posture.

✅ Four week easy to follow course.

BONUS: Access to a supportive community of individuals on the same journey, sharing tips and encouragement!


  • Please also consult your GP before starting any physical exercise and email me with any questions you have have as to whether this course is suitable for you.

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