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Beginners Pilates Course

Learn how online Pilates can fit into your home workout
routine for improved muscle tone and flexibility.

Pilates is an ideal workout for anyone looking to get their fitness back on track. Pilates exercises are mainly functional movements, which will improve your strength and flexibility for everything you do in daily life.

Pilates focuses on strengthening every muscle in the body, so that they work in harmony together creating a balanced body. Muscle imbalances cause postural issues which can cause pain and injury, so reducing muscle imbalance will mean less pain, injury, and improved posture.

If you’re keen to simultaneously improve your strength, flexibility, alignment and posture, then Pilates may well be for you.

My 3 week beginners Pilates course is aimed at those new to Pilates or who have had a break and want a refresh on the basics. Suitable for the home environment this Pilates course needs no equipment. Over 3 weeks you will receive easy to follow 10 minute workouts direct to your inbox which you can do in your own time.