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Corrective exercise programs have a three-step process. When I work with clients, together we first look to make the muscles more pliable using self-massage techniques. Once this has begun, we can add in gentle stretches to improve the flexibility of the muscles and mobility at the joints. After this it is time to retrain the body into better alignment using strengthening exercises and bigger ROM stretches.

Stretching and soft tissue work: Techniques to improve flexibility and release tension in tight muscles through stretching, foam rolling, or other methods.

Stability exercises: Exercises that target the muscles around joints to improve stability and control, such as single-leg balances or stability ball exercises.

Mobility exercises: Exercises that enhance joint range of motion and flexibility, addressing areas with restrictions or tightness.

Strength exercises: Targeting specific muscle groups to correct imbalances, such as strengthening the muscles in the back to counteract poor posture.

Neuromuscular re-education: Activities that focus on improving the communication between the nervous system and muscles, promoting better movement patterns.

It is crucial before starting a corrective exercise program that we do a thorough assessment to highlight your alignment challenges or pain points. From this I then work with you to design a program around your lifestyle.

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