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Strengthen, support, and reclaim the bounce in your step. Engaging in these movements can assist in soothing your pelvic floor and alleviating stress.

Consider incorporating these exercises into your bedtime routine for added relaxation! Let’s turn ‘I miss’ into ‘I can’! 💪

Try this: 360 Breath

1. Place your hands around your ribcage, as if you were putting your hands on your hips, except higher.
2. Inhale deeply through the nose – feel the air filling your tummy, rib cage, into the back and a little into the chest (360!)
3. Exhale and allow the tummy, front and back ribs to contract back in towards the midline.

Pelvic Floor Stretch

1. Come up onto your feet, bend your knees and crouch
2. Push your knees slightly out with your arms
3. Hold for 30 seconds

Happy Baby Stretch

1. Lay on your back
2. Bring your knees to your chest
3. Hold onto your feet
4. Hold for 30 seconds


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