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Here are my top reasons why online Pilates classes are awesome!

On the 31st July don’t take my word for it come and join me for free, all you need to do is activate your free pass through my website and I will send you a list of classes you can join for free!

  1. They are easier to get to and fit around your busy schedule
  2. Pick and choose from a variety of classes and times
  3. Use them as a lunch break
  4. Hit pause on live classes to answer the door, settle the kids and then re-join right where you left off
  5. Any floor / garden will do – no equipment needed
  6. They’re safer
  7. Mini workouts are great space for your mind to unwind
  8. They’re cheaper
  9. Going on holiday? Take me with you! Okay I am not coming in your suitcase but if you have Wi-Fi we can work out together.
  10. Love swan dive? rewind do it again or pause and rewind if you didn’t understand an instruction
  11. Direct contact with me – ask your questions in our online community, or private message me if you’re having a problem
  12. Stay connected and part of a motivational community
  13. No drive to a community centre – come rain or shine you don’t need to pack a brolly just roll out your mat and lets go!
  14. Workout in your PJ’s
  15. Get your whole family involved