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So, you’re thinking about doing Pilates as a runner. That’s great! Pilates is one of those fantastic activities that anyone can do, around training for running events. For a runner, it can be super helpful, and there are a few key poses and stretches you can do to really step up your game. Let’s check out the benefits, and then we’ll get right into the moves to match.

Improving Mobility

The first thing you’ll notice about Pilates is that it can help to keep your mobility in check. You need joint mobility, especially around your hips, and the moves you do in Pilates can really help you with this.

Improving Core Strength

Building a strong core is like building strong foundation for your house. It creates a platform on to which you can build other structures (ie muscles of your legs and arms) A strong core enables you to effectively move the rest of your body whilst stabilising your torso.

Enhancing Your Performance

Pilates is a simple yet effective way to improve your mobility, flexibility and strength as a runner without comprising your run training. You can do Pilates around scheduled runs without it effecting your running.