Core Challenge


Unleash the power of our Core Challenge Course and witness a remarkable transformation in just 10 days. Say goodbye to traditional workouts and hello to a dynamic program specifically crafted to target and tone your core muscles. With expert guidance, engaging exercises, and a supportive community, this challenge is your ticket to a stronger, more resilient core. Are you ready to redefine your fitness journey?

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Join my 10-day ab challenge and build strength and tone up your core muscles. These simple Pilates exercises focus on toning up your abs and building core strength, expect to work up a sweat and feel those abs burning by the end of each session. Each workout is under 10 minutes long making them easy to fit into your day whilst you are working from home. They are flat friendly, no fancy equipment or clothing required and you don’t need your own studio to do these exercises just a small strip of floor will do!

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