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We spend far too much time sitting, most of us are aware of that, but how do we break this cycle? The answer ‘Brain Breaks’ every come and workout with me for 10 minutes. These simple exercise routines are live and then will be on my IGTV and Facebook free group for you to do whenever you like, I would suggest twice a day.

The great thing about ‘Brain Breaks’ are that they will give you 10 minutes exercise, time away from your screen, more energy, and a better feeling of wellbeing. Just taking 10 minutes out for you and away from a screen is so important for your health and wellness.

Ideally you would try and fit one or two of these in a day, if you are doing no other exercise and not just on Wednesday! But if for now just getting into a routine on Wednesday helps then just go for it and join me live so we can workout together!

I hope you find these mini workouts helpful.

I have made them office friendly so whether you’re at work, home or away, these simple workouts need no equipment and no lycra!

I believe fitness should be fun, these mini workouts are based around core Pilates principles but with an added blend of enjoyment and challenge.

Let me know how you are getting on with your ‘Brain Breaks’ tag me in your photos at #BTSBrainBreaks