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Pilates is a super body and mind conditioning exercise class that will make you feel stronger, more flexible, less stressed and improve your posture.

Here are my five tips for beginners Pilates:

  1. Have an open mind, Pilates is about control and accuracy so expect a slower-paced class to other gym classes.
  2. It’s harder than it looks, no one ever walked about of a Pilates class saying “well that was a breeze” if they did, they missed the point! Learning how to activate individual muscles and groups of muscles and perform the exercises in Pilates correctly takes precision and a great deal of effort to harness that mind and body connection.
  3. You won’t be a pro from the off, Pilates teaches you to use not only your larger muscles groups but smaller ones too, these stabilising muscles often get forgotten, in Pilates we looked to increase your strength in these muscles. For beginners, it can feel a bit tricky and the movements don’t flow, don’t worry, with practise and help from your instructor you will find your flow.
  4. Don’t forget to breathe, will be a phrase you need to get used to, and although it may sound daft a lot of Pilates exercises use the breath to improve your muscle activation and to control the pace of the movements. To start with if in doubt just breathe!
  5. Expect to leave feeling like you worked hard. Pilates is a super low impact form of exercise which is why it is so suitable for almost anyone, but a Pilates class isn’t easy and if it is you may be either going to fast or not quite getting the technique correct. Ask your Pilates instructor for help if you feel you may be doing the exercise wrong.

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