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Mobility and flexibility are related but they play different roles in your overall movement and well-being.


Flexibility refers to the ability of your muscles and connective tissues (like tendons, fascia and ligaments) to stretch and lengthen. It represents the range of motion around a joint.

It is primarily about the passive ability of tissues to stretch. In other words, flexibility measures how far a joint or muscle can be stretched without resistance.

Improved flexibility can lead to greater joint mobility and can help prevent muscle strains and injuries.

Activities that promote flexibility include static stretching (holding a stretch for a period of time), dynamic stretching (controlled, active movements that gradually increase range of motion), and exercise classes like Yoga.


Mobility, on the other hand, encompasses a broader concept. It refers to the ability to move a joint actively through its full range of motion with control and stability.

Mobility is an active component of movement, involving the muscles around a joint and their ability to generate movement and maintain proper alignment.

It is about the functional application of flexibility in activities or sports-specific movements.

Good mobility is essential for proper biomechanics, efficient movement patterns, and injury prevention.

Activities that improve mobility often involve strength and coordination exercises, such as bodyweight exercises, resistance training, and certain mobility drills. In my Pilates classes I work on improving mobility through a range or stretches and exercises.

In summary, flexibility focuses on the passive stretching capacity of muscles and tissues, while mobility involves active, controlled movement through a joint’s full range of motion. Both flexibility and mobility are important for overall physical health and performance, and a balanced approach that combines stretching and mobility exercises can be beneficial for improving movement quality, reducing the risk of injury, and enhancing athletic performance.

Come and try my face to face or online classes and see how Pilates can help improve your mobility and flexibility.