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Lunch can be a tricky one to know what to have, as many of us are used to taking lunch to work or getting it out, so when it comes to lunch at home, it can be difficult to know what to have. In general I always use this as a go to lunch. It follows a basic guide that is easy to adapt with ingredients that you have in your cupboard/fridge and depending on how hungry you are/what sort of day you are having. It will leave you feeling nourished and ready for the afternoon.

Method (in 5 easy steps):

  1. Choose a bowl or plate to start your creation – I recommend a large soup bowl (bigger than a cereal bowl) or a medium size plate.
  2. Start by chopping up your chosen salad/vegetables. You will want to fill the bowl/plate up to about 2/3 full and mix so everything is well mixed.
  3. Add your carbohydrate, the amount of this is dependant on how you feel. If you’ve had a hard day or will have a busy afternoon you will probably want more of this. Generally about 1/4 of the bowl/plate will be enough. (Examples are: New potatoes, quinoa, couscous, pasta, croutons, bread/crackers on the side)
  4.  Add your protein – my go to is half a tin of tuna, as we always have stock of this in the cupboard! (Some other good options include: egg, ham, chicken, salmon, tofu, mixed beans…)
  5.  Add the extras – I always add a tablespoon of toasted sunflower/pumpkin seeds (dry fry them in a frying pan), a grating of cheese and a dollop of mayo or a drizzle of olive oil. (Other good extras are avocado, halloumi (in fact any cheese!), nuts, herbs, crispy bacon bits, toasted nuts) Note: These extra bits are important to make the salad yummy and satisfying, else just lettuce can be boring!
    Drizzle with your dressing of choice (or leave plain if you prefer) and enjoy!

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