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Did you know that women, especially once they hit the menopause find it harder to cool down than men?

Women who are going through the menopause especially will find that the heat can be problematic. The reasons for this are that your body is less tolerant of temperature changes. You will also start to sweat later during exercise.

Here are my top tips for keeping cool and safe whilst exercising.

  1. Timing – early bird or night owl? Make the most of the early mornings and evenings when the heat is reduced.
  2. Clothing choices – If you are out in the sun pick light coloured breathable clothing, preferably that is light in colour to reflect the heat.
  3. Sun cream – my favourite sun cream for sport and fitness is P20, you can get it in really high factors, and it is water proof and lasts 10 hours, perfect for those endurance miles or sweaty garden Pilates!
  4. Go for a Wim Hoff shower before your run or ride. Precooling your core temperature means you are cooler before you start giving you longer.
  5. Ice Ice baby, freeze those water bottles, add frozen fruits to drinks for a refreshing taste.
  6. Hydration – This isn’t just about water. You need to replenish salts, either by an electrolyte drink or by eating food, although this may not be enough in extreme heat. My favourite is to use food and also dioralyte as it has no real taste so is as close to water as you can get but with all the salts that your body needs.
  7. Dial it down, swap your hill reps for a more gentle ride, try some Pilates in your garden instead of going for a run.

I hope you found this useful, leave a comment with your top cooling tips.