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My top tips for practising Pilates at home

Find a quiet spot

Unlike gym or cardio workouts, Pilates requires more of your attention so turn off the stereo and leave the heart pumping tunes for another day, by all means open the window and let the birds singing or the sound of the wind be your background.

Because Pilates has a mind and body connection music can be distracting so my suggestion is don’t use it, this also means you can really listen to your breathing and work on the rhythm of the exercises and not find yourself moving to the beat!

Warm up

Pilates exercises are challenging on your entire body, so spend 10 minutes mobilising the major joints. This time also helps you get in the zone ready for your session to begin.

Plan around mealtimes

A full belly and exercise never really go together whatever exercise you may be doing. With Pilates the core centred intensity means that having a full tummy is going to be uncomfortable. Exercising straight after a meal also diverts the blood away from the digestion process and can lead to feeling bloated and cramps. So my advice is wait an hour after eating or do it before eating.

Take a rest day

In our busy lives sometimes, we forget that you recover at rest. Train smarter give yourself a rest day or two each week, especially if you are taking part in other exercise classes or doing sports on top of your Pilates at home.

Me/You time

Practising Pilates gives you the perfect opportunity to unplug from the world and have a dedicated 10 / 20 / 60 minutes just for you. Take advantage of this time with your thoughts and learn to listen to how your body is feeling. After this time you are bound to feeling more energetic and ready for the World.


Your body is 60% water, so it is clear that replenishing that water is crucial to maintain a happy healthy body. I always suggest having water whilst practising Pilates, don’t take huge gulps for the same reason you may not want to eat right before you roll the mat out, but little sips after each exercise keep you hydrated and also make you pause before starting the next exercise which your body will thank you for.

Get outside

Okay, so the UK can be a bit hit and miss weather wise, but I promise nothing beats Pilates outdoors, the feeling of breeze on your body, the warming sun (hopefully) on your cheeks. Practising outside brings your closer to nature, you feel grounded and also get a little helping on vitamin D which is very good for you indeed!

outdoor pilates

How is your sleep?

This could be a blog post on its own! Hands up who sleeps poorly? Good sleep improves your cognitive function and ability to do just about anything and that includes Pilates! Try putting a ‘bedtime’ notification on your phone and then have it so your phone turns off all notifications, if you can turn it off all together. Look at the light in your room, dark rooms make for good sleeping, just ask my nine month old! Check the temperature of your room too this can cause you to wake up in the night.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Come and join my on demand or live studio classes from your own home.