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There is no denying that Pilates is a great all-round exercise regime that can offer a range of benefits to everyone, but did you know that it could form a valuable part of any training that you might undertake as a cyclist?

Whether you compete or just love getting out with your mates exploring the back roads or forest trails, adding Pilates to your regime can really help you to improve your ride. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits that you can gain from adding some Pilates classes into any training programme you undertake for your cycling.

Cycling Benefits

Core control

As a cyclist, you will probably find that as you become more fatigued during a ride, you tend to round your back and rest your weight on your arms. Unfortunately, this poor posture can result in the need to work harder in order to achieve the same output of power that you get when you are not fatigued. The result of this is that you will not be performing to the best of your ability and will become even more tired and, of course, slower.

A Pilates course designed for cyclists is a great way to work on your core strength. Controlling your core will help improve your stability on the bike by ensuring the spine stays in a stable position. Pilates focuses on postural muscles, which should be efficient when it comes to the transfer of power to the pedals. So improving your core strength is an effective way to enhance your power output through the pedals.


As a result of being hunched over the bike, cyclists often develop an imbalance in the hip extensors and short hip flexors. This can lead to excessive strain being placed on the knees and lower back. With the right flexibility and strengthening Pilates exercises, you can address this issue. Pilates exercises for cyclists can help improve muscle strength but as they are mainly body weight and using resistance bands you don’t bulk out.

Injury prevention

Injuries can and do happen, but when you build up your strength and flexibility through Pilates, you can really help to reduce the possibility of injuries occurring when you ride.

Pilates exercises can help train your muscles to contract whilst they stretch. This helps them remain strong even during longer periods of exercise. This greater control is what helps to reduce the possibility of injury. If you’d like to explore classes that can improve your cycle training, why not check out my online courses, or you could even cycle by and take some in person! Either way, I’d be happy to share the benefits with you.