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Tennis and golf players rely heavily on the integration of a strong core and shoulders for optimal performance. In both sports, a robust core is essential for stability, balance, and the generation of rotational power during swings and shots.

A strong core enhances the transfer of energy from the lower body to the upper body, allowing players to execute powerful and controlled movements with greater efficiency. Additionally, well-developed shoulders contribute to the accuracy and power of shots, enabling precise racket or club control in tennis and golf, respectively.

The synergy between a strong core and shoulders not only enhances athletic performance but also plays a pivotal role in injury prevention, ensuring that players can maintain the endurance and resilience required for the demands of their respective sports.

Try these two exercises to really improve your core and shoulder strength, instead of reps go for time of each exercise for example 30 seconds of the first and then the second then have a break and do another set.

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