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Pilates in the garden

Summer is well and truly here, and fingers crossed it looks like it is set to stay for at least a while. This means that for many of us, it’s time to take advantage of our wonderful outdoor space.  Whilst trends suggest that gardening is the new Pilates, this does not mean that you should neglect your Pilates exercises. In fact, during the summer months, the garden or local park can be fantastic places to do your exercises.

Pilates outside at Fishbourne Hall

If you are also a keen gardener, then Pilates is the ideal way in which you can set the framework that will give you greater awareness of your posture and good alignment, help you to create a stronger body and a foundation for any mindful movement that will help to reduce the aches and pains of gardening.

Why you should venture outside

Exercising outdoors, whether it is strenuous exercise or gentle exercise, has been shown to be incredibly beneficial. The benefits of fresh air are perhaps obvious, but what is less obvious and no less important to mental well-being are the facts that the fresh air is revitalising, and it can heighten a person’s enjoyment of the exercise they are doing.

Pilates is a great exercise to undertake in the garden or park. The slow, gentle, controlled movements can help you feel at one with your surroundings, and when those surroundings are nature, it’s even better.

With little need for equipment other than a flat surface and a mat, there is no reason not to take advantage of your garden, enjoy the sunshine and get your Pilates session in at the same time.

Working from home? Take regular breaks!

One thing that many people who work from home are guilty of is not taking regular breaks away from their desks. Don’t miss out on this wonderful weather. Instead, take the chance to escape from your work for short periods of time. A Pilates session in the garden is a great way to regenerate yourself, reduce the stresses of your day and keep active. It is a scientific fact that people are more productive when they take breaks during their working day, so there really is no better excuse to get out there with your mat.

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