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Pilates for recovering from long covid 19.

Here is a little write up from laura on how Pilates helped her long covid recovery journey.

I was struggling to feel myself after I had covid-19 and having a Vitamin D deficiency, as a keen
mountain biker and someone who did weekly weight training. I was worried about getting back into
fitness as I was struggling with my breathing and felt very fatigued. Hannah suggested I try her
classes as she had attended courses for those getting over Covid or having long covid. I thought why
not as I wanted to feel myself again, I was also struggling with my mental health as well.

After 8 weeks of attending Hannah’s classes and following her YouTube tutorials here’s how I got

It has helped improve my breathing when riding my mountain bike, I have noticed a
significant improvement when climbing that I can hold a conversation while ascending a
steep hill. Before I would be puffing away and unable to talk until, I had a couple minutes of

Having a Vitamin D deficiency means the muscles have weakened and I found Pilates
allowed to me build back my core stability and help strengthen my muscles.
It has allowed me to destress and helped with my mental wellbeing, the breathing exercise
at the end of the class I feel has allowed me to release myself from any stress I had in the

I feel that I can start weight training again although on lighter weights than before, but I feel
it is a good start to my recovery.

Overall, I feel it has given me more confidence to getting back into fitness and I really recommend
giving Hannah’s classes a go. Currently I attend them via Zoom but never had an issue with how the
class is carried out. Hannah delivers each movement with clear instructions and they are easy to
follow. She is great at giving feedback, so you know you are in the right track when executing a

I also love her newsletters and additional information she provides weekly as well as her classes, I
really cannot recommend Hannah’s classes enough…Just give them a go! ��

Contact Hannah to discuss your needs if you are looking for help with rehabilitation with covid 19.