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Pilates for Cyclists

For any cyclist improving efficiency is key – the more power they can produce with less effort, the faster they can travel for longer.
It is easy to spot a tiring cyclist – as fatigue sets in their effort becomes less and less efficient, and as they pedal, their bodies will start to roll from side to side on their bikes. In contrast, riders who are still moving efficiently will have their legs turning the pedals smoothly whilst their head, shoulders and body remain still and secure, in doing so they are wasting less energy to propel the bike.

Clearly, the longer a cyclist is able to maintain good form on the bike, the more efficiently they will use their energy, and the further and faster they can go.
Pilates targets the core muscles that help stabilise the rider on the bike, keeping the spine in a stable position whilst the limbs move. So by improving their core strength, cyclists can increase their power output.

Masterclass in Pilates for cyclists

Pilates is a super off-bike workout for cyclists, whether you are just getting into cycling and want to build strength in your core and legs so you can ride for longer, or you are a seasoned rider. Pilates can help to correct muscle imbalance, improve bike handling and strengthen up your core muscles for better pedalling efficiency through hip stability.

Some of the things Pilates will help with are:
Enhance muscle strength
Increase flexibility and coordination
Decrease muscle imbalance by improving your posture
Healthier bone density - through resistance based exercise
Improved power to weight ratio

When, Where and cost

Monday 4th April 2022
Live Pilates via Zoom - once payment has been received you will be sent the private password protected link.
If you cannot make the live Pilates class time you can purchase the recording instead to watch in your own time.
£10 per person
You will need a resistance band or inner tube / pair of tights

How do I book?

To book your place please get in touch via the sign up now button below.

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