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Come and join my weekly online live sessions, cut out the drive time and focus on your health and wellbeing from the comfort of your own home. Online classes have many benefits, it’s a safe environment, you dont need to drive and park, no child care issues and you can workout in your PJ’s to name but a few!

Unlike many other forms of exercise, Pilates can be relaxing, quick, and bring fast results. Pilates is a unique type of exercise that is not only powerful, but can reshape your body, how you think, and your relationship with exercise.

Here is my live timetable for next week, but if these times don’t suit you, you can join my on-demand subscription service and workout anytime, anywhere.

So lets take your health and fitness to another level come and workout with me beyond the studio and get the results you want and deserve.

Buy a class pass for £5 here or join my online studio subscription here.