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 “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

I love this quote by Henry Ford, it rings true in so many aspects of life, for me anyway. If I am having a hard day with a never-ending to do list, sometimes the way I think about it can really impact my ability to succeed. If I feel overwhelmed and not ‘able’ to focus on one task, because I am thinking about the eight task on the list instead of the first, then I often don’t get through half as much. I have found the best way to stay positive and keep yourself motivated is to FOCUS on ONE thing at a time! I know everyone loves to multitask, right now I am editing a video, finishing an email and thinking about going to the post office to post a returns parcel to Zara. My brain is full. All this ‘fullness’ leads to not much space to carry out the process of writing this post… and a feeling that I am never going to get to the post office.

If I ‘choose’ and after all, it is your choice how you let yourself ‘feel/think’ to think positively about the tasks ahead and focus on one at a time, I will get the results I want, I will finish this blog post and will get to the post office.

It works the same for exercise, if I tell myself ‘I am too busy today to fit in cycling or Pilates (that I am not teaching)’ I probably won’t.

So I have come up with a plan. I look at the day ahead and DECIDE to say exercise is important not only to my physical but my mental health and wellbeing, where can I fit in something?

It’s that gap of sacred time that you must claim for yourself, to get away from your desk / to do list / distraction and focus on your own health and fitness. Saying I can and I will fit in (enter the amount of time you can spare) a day to work on me will really help your productivity and also open up your ability to clear some of that brain fullness.

I challenge you this week to find sometime to work on your own health and fitness, make space in your day for you.