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Whilst the symptoms and trials and challenges of menopause may not have changed over the decades, our openness to talk about it has, and this is fantastic news. Thanks to a great many celebrities, this once rather taboo subject has been hitting the headlines and helping many to face their symptoms and look for solutions that will help them rather than suffer in silence.

It’s fair to say that whilst many menopausal women may be struggling with their weight, and even general stamina exercise isn’t probably that high on their list, it really should be.

Recent research has actually found that some moderate physical exercise, when undertaken early in the day, can actually improve sleep quality for women at all stages of menopause. If, like the 39-47% of perimenopausal women and 35-60% of postmenopausal women (according to statistics from the Sleep Foundation), you have real sleep issues, then this can only be good news.

Why the morning?

It’s fair to say if you are struggling with sleep, then your energy stores will be at their greatest in the morning, so it makes sense that this would be a good time to exercise. There is also a good chance that regardless of whether you are peri or post-menopausal, you are also waking up early. Gentle exercise like Pilates can help to improve your breathing your posture and help you feel more energised. This should help you to cope with your day better.

Because regular exercise can help to ease many of the symptoms of menopause, it may even mean that you will be able to consider more natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy if that is your preferred treatment path.

Those women who lead a more sedentary life, for example, those who work in an office, are more likely to have severe menopause symptoms; exercising rather than making you overheated can actually help provide relief from hot flushes.

Gentle exercise

The type of exercise that you do during menopause does not need to be strenuous. Walk a little more or take up a gentle exercise routine like Pilates.

Pilates mat exercises can help improve posture which supports the joints. Load-bearing exercises can assist with improving bone strength as well as improving flexibility and balance. They are a great way of strengthening core muscles that can become weakened during menopause.

So whether you are at the beginning of your menopause journey or nearing the end, try adding some exercise to your morning routine to help ease your symptoms. I provide both online and in person Pilates classes that could help make exercise a part of your morning route great fun and very rewarding too.

Come and join my online studio and exercise with me at the time of day that suits you.