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Your hips are made from three fused bones of your pelvis, the main muscles of the hips are gluteals, hamstrings and adductors (gracilis, obturator externus, adductor brevis, adductor longus and adductor magnus). Other muscles attaching at the hip including anterior core muscles, psoas. So as you can see there is rather a lot going on at the hop, so its no wonder we end up with tight or achy hips from time to time.

Hip joints need to function well to perform the most basic and everyday movements, including standing, walking, running, bending and stretching.

Hip mobility and strength are often related to running performance with weak hips more likely to lead to injuries.

Resistance training is the best method of building hip strength, particularly exercises which focus on extending, rotating and pushing out your hip.

Better hip health can benefit runners as better hip mobility and strength has been linked with improved running performance. Lower-body strength training each week, which includes exercises to train hip muscles, is also linked to higher power outputs and performance in sport.

Everyone, whether you run or not, will benefit from mobile and strong hips, try my resistance band workout for stronger, healthier hips.