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Pilates at home – how much space do I need?

During the pandemic exercising at home became many people’s preferred and only option as gyms, swimming pools and exercise classes closed. Now that society has opened back up again the options to get to your local gym or Pilates class have also reopened.

Many of my clients over lock down did more than one Pilates class from home, on average people did 3 Pilates classes and week and really noticed the benefits of these ‘extra’ Pilates classes that they would not have been able to make during ‘normal’ times due to other commitments.

Practicing Pilates from home offers some huge benefits including cost saving, so many classes to choose from, and time management. You can fit your Pilates workout in around your schedule and need only 30-60 minutes instead of time to and from class in a gym or studio plus the hour-long class. You can go at your own pace and repeat exercises that you want to get better at, or that merely feel like what your body needs that day by hitting the pause button. The best bit is you are not working out alone you can always get in touch with me if there is something you don’t understand or want to query and I will do my best to answer you as quickly as I can.

Pilates at home gave them more energy, routine and enhanced their wellbeing. These benefits have meant that many have stayed online like Wendy who said;

“Since lockdown Hannah’s online classes have become an almost daily part of my life, promoting my physical and mental wellbeing, I would encourage everyone to give Pilates a go, things can only get better!”

One question I often get asked about online classes is, how much space do I need? I only have a small room in which to practise Pilates. The answer to this question is not a lot of space at all! A Pilates mat is roughly just over a meter and a half long and most exercises are performed laying on your back or front meaning if you can lay down on the floor you have enough space! There are side lying exercises which require you to move legs or arms forwards or backwards but you only need about half a meter in front / behind you to make this work.

When picking a space to do your home Pilates classes the main thing to consider is your internet speed as you shall be streaming the class live or on demand you will need reasonable speed internet and a stable connection. Most home broadband set ups are fine, if you struggle with internet upstairs, make a cosy Pilates corner in your living room.

If you are taking part in Pilates classes on zoom then you will want to position the camera somewhere where I can see you as I will give you feedback. On an ipad or phone try propping it up against a stack of books or chair leg. On a laptop you can probably move the screen to a place where I can see most of your body.

To demonstrate the space need some of my lovely clients have shared their home Pilates set ups with us.