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The Department of Health suggests that every adult should try to do a little exercise every day, not only as a way of helping their physical health but also as a way of helping with mental wellbeing. Physical activity, whether it is gentle or strenuous, has a huge potential to enhance mental wellbeing. As short a burst of just 10 minutes of exercise can increase a person’s mental alertness, energy and create a positive mood.

When you participate in a regular physical exercise of any sort it can help to increase self-esteem and can also help to reduce anxiety and stress. It can also play an incredibly important role in the prevention of mental health problems developing and improving the quality of life for those individuals who are already struggling with mental health issues.

Why is Pilates so great for your mental health?

Pilates is a gentle form of exercise that is suitable for everyone, young or old and irrespective of their physical fitness. It requires little to no equipment – many of the exercises can be done with just a floor mat and space – and can be done through an organised class or even on your own.

Pilates is a highly adaptable form of exercise that can fit into any lifestyle. For those individuals who struggle to find the time to fit an exercise class into their hectic lifestyle there are alternatives available. Pilates is the perfect exercise to follow from the comfort of your own home. On my YouTube channel @‌beyondthestudiopilates I offer a range of easy to follow instructional videos that can be followed at home. This makes finding the time to fit just 10 minutes of Pilates a day into your routine much easier. It is also, of course, a great alternative for anyone who has mental health issues that make leaving the house difficult.

Prevention is better than cure

Far too many people ignore the warning signs of stress in their lives until it is too late and has begun to take its toll on their mental health. It is important to take the time to look after your health, both mentally and physically. When you consider that 10 minutes a day is the equivalent of listening to just a few songs, reading a chapter in a book or even just walking around the block then taking that time to do a quick Pilates workout really isn’t that difficult. The benefits you will get, however, will be significant.

If you have been considering joining a Pilates class or even trying Pilates at home but need a little encouragement, then why not check out my classes? Whether you’d prefer to work out live or at a time to suit you, I’d love to help you harness the benefits that Pilates can bring.