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I myself have experienced this when out on long road rides that feeling that you need to sit up and move your head from the forward position being on the drops creates.

Here are the main reasons why cyclists get neck pain:

1️⃣ Poor posture: The low and aerodynamic position on road bikes requires craning and hyperextension of the neck, straining the neck muscles. This exaggerated neck extension over long rides leads to fatigue and pain.

2️⃣ Weak neck muscles: The deep neck extensor muscles responsible for holding the head upright can become exhausted from the constant contraction required during cycling. This causes the larger trapezius muscles to overcompensate, leading to pain and restricted blood flow. Fun fact! Women have less neck strength than men so all you lady cyclists you need to work extra hard on neck strength!

3️⃣ Bike fit issues: An improper bike fit, such as handlebars positioned too low or too far away, can force you into an uncomfortable neck position. Raising the handlebar height slightly can help alleviate neck strain, but the best thing is a proper bike fit!

4️⃣ Lack of flexibility: Cyclists are synonymous with not cooling down and stretching properly after a long ride… Hands up who has been out on the Sunday social ride came back, checked Strava, had a shake then got on with the rest of the day? Tight muscles in the neck, shoulders, and upper back can restrict mobility and contribute to poor posture on the bike, leading to neck discomfort, simple stretches like the one in this video after your ride can really help!

Addressing these issues can help cyclists maintain proper form and reduce the risk of neck pain during rides. As a cyclist myself I know the importance of proper stretching. Your riding skills (and Strava times) will thank you. 😊

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