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The endorphins you get from physical exercise can really boost your mood, which we certainly all need from time to time – but especially at the moment.

Pilates is a muscle-building exercise that aims to strengthen your body evenly, with emphasis on core strength and since many of the exercises can be done on a mat, with no equipment, it’s the perfect choice of workout for anyone at home.

Unlike many other forms of exercise, Pilates can be relaxing, quick, and bring fast results. Pilates is a unique type of exercise that is not only powerful, but can reshape your body, how you think, and your relationship with exercise.

And what exactly are the benefits of Pilates? You will find after a time that your posture improves as a result of all the exercises, as well as improvements in your muscle tone, balance and joint mobility. You may also find that any feelings of stress or tension you may be experiencing at the moment are reduced, as well.

Pilates is not easy, this is a common misconception, Pilates is a bit like an onion the first layer is getting down on your mat and learning the exercises. As you progress on your Pilates journey you unfold layers of understanding and appreciation for how your body works and moves.

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